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The Report on Business Cannabis Professional Team

The Globe and Mail is home to Canada’s largest business newsroom and is known internationally for authoritative, award-winning journalism. We’ve earned this reputation by hiring the country’s leading journalists and applying the highest editorial standards.

Rob Gilroy - Editor

Rob joined The Globe and Mail in 2003 and has held a variety of roles in Report on Business. He was founding editor of Economy Lab, which went on to win two consecutive Eppy Awards in the business blogging category. In 2013, he joined the Opinion section and helped expand The Globe's offering of breaking commentary on our digital platforms. In 2015, he was appointed deputy editor of Opinion.

Jessie Willms - Content Editor, Visuals

Jessie is a front-end developer with a keen sense of design and a strong track record working at the intersection of technology and journalism. Jessie was a senior developer with the CBC News interactives team, where she worked with editors and reporters across the country to create tools and visualize stories. Previously, she was digital designer at The Toronto Star and was also lead designer and newsroom developer for

Mark Rendell - Reporter

Mark joined The Globe and Mail in August after writing exclusively about the Canadian cannabis industry for the National Post. His CV includes three years of reporting in the North, where he worked for the CBC in Yellowknife, Northern News Services and EDGE North magazine. He holds degrees in journalism and philosophy from the University of King’s College in Halifax.

Marcy Nicholson - Reporter, Calgary Bureau

Marcy Nicholson is joining The Globe as a reporter on the new cannabis subscription product. Marcy is a veteran business journalist who has been with Reuters since 2005, mostly in New York, where she broke news and wrote analyses on commodities ranging from the volatile sugar and coffee markets to gold.